This New ‘Game Of Thrones’ Theory Might Predict How Your Favorite Characters Will Die In The Final Season

Jon Snow and other characters in winter in Game of Thrones season 7 episode
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We’ve still got a year or two till the next season of Game of Thrones (boooo), and what better way to fill the time than to fantasize and theorize about every possible plot point the final season could hold? Who here thinks Tyrion is in love with Daenerys?

But hold the phone, guys. As much as I love debating whether or not Bran is the Night King, there’s a new theory that everyone should be talking about, except this one looks more at patterns than at any of the hints George RR Martin has thrown us. Has anyone noticed that people tend to die in similar ways that they’ve notoriously killed other people?

Reddit user razobak09 laid it out for us here:

OK, so some of them might be a stretch, but you’ve got to admit there are some interesting (and karmic) connections there that I’m surprised none of us ever noticed. Seriously, how did we not see this??? If it’s true, and intentionally so, how will our favorite characters go in the final season? Please tell me Cersei has all the karma coming for her.

I guess we’ll have to wait a few years to figure out if we’re right. Till then, take your guesses. TC mark

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