This Man’s Tweet About Hurricane Irma Went Viral For The Most Hilarious Reason

Twitter / @SUPLEXCITYBITCH and Twitter / @DaytonaBeachFD

Hurricane Irma has descended upon Florida, and it’s definitely left destruction in its wake. Flooded streets, uprooted trees, and destroyed construction cranes are all just a fraction of what the city’s looking at in terms of damage.

But despite the devastation, people are still finding ways to combat the situation with humor, like this dude on Twitter who decided to give Irma a peace offering.

Yes, you’re correct, that is a can of Pepsi.


In case you forgot (but LOL how could you), the soda brand and Kendall Jenner were criticized for their advertisement downplaying police violence earlier this year. In the ad, Jenner ~magically~ ended the tension between protesters and police when she handed one officer a Pepsi.

I mean, if it can repair police-protestor relationships, why wouldn’t it be able to stop a Category 5 hurricane? Makes sense to me. We just have one little critique:

Well, let’s hope this works. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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