This Man Tweeted About How To Stop Rape Without Victim Blaming And Everyone Needs To Read It Right Now

Twitter / @pantssoshort and Unsplash / Villman Villman

Wanna stop rape? It sure doesn’t sound like an easy task by any means, but Twitter user @pants_so_short has a few suggestions.

NEWSFLASH: none of them involve telling the victim what they should have done.

He (yes, HE) goes on to tell it exactly as it is: that people are too focused on what victims need to be doing and not at all talking about what we should be doing to stop putting victims into that situation at all.

Seriously, why aren’t we talking about this? Because rapists aren’t what the media makes them out to be — they aren’t always some scary man who follows you into dark alleyways. Sexual assault is often more complicated than that.

Because believe it or not, telling a victim that they should or shouldn’t have done something can retraumatize them all over again, even when the so-called “solutions” wouldn’t even have been practical.

There’s a reason so many victims of sexual assault stay silent.

What people don’t understand is that we aren’t looking for short-term solutions (such as “victims should do this or that”) but long-term preventative measures (as in keeping people from sexually assaulting other people in the first place).

Don’t think there’s anything you personally can do to help? Well, think again. He gives you plenty of opportunities:

Maybe now that a dude’s saying it, other dudes will finally start to listen. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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