This Article Definitely Isn’t About You

Man and woman make a heat with their hands because they're a couple in love
Unsplash / Kristina Litvjak

I fell in love with you the first time you opened up to me, when you told me about your family and your fears and all your little ticks. Wait, no, not you — this article isn’t about you. Stop reading into it, okay?

The thing is, I’d never met anyone else like you. No one who could make me smile with just a look, no one who could make my heartbeat quicken with just a text, no one who could make my laugh emanate, resounding, from my very core. No one who — okay, I’m going to stop you right there. I mean it, I’m not writing this about you. Get over yourself.

You made me realize a lot of things about myself that I never would have recognized otherwise. That I may have been broken in the past but that doesn’t mean I’m not worth so much more. That I’m funny, even when I think my jokes are dumb, and that I’m smart, even though I still can’t always make myself believe it, and that I’m beautiful, no matter what I tell myself when I look in the mirror. That I’m — look, you can keep reading if you want, that’s fine, but stop overanalyzing everything I say. Are you really that vain? Don’t even think about texting me later.

And that’s why it’s so hard to let you go. How do you say goodbye to someone who you not only thought was your forever person, but who also became your best friend? How do you walk away from the person who fixed you? It’s funny, because I lived most of my life without you, but the moment I met you, I couldn’t imagine a scenario without you by my side. You — for real, dude? You’re still trying to figure out whether or not you fit the description? That’s gonna be a hard “no” from me. Please stop torturing yourself over it.

But I want to thank you for changing my life, for coming in and showing me that there are people who will tear apart your world and put it back together, who will make you realize all the people in the past who hurt you weren’t worth it to begin with. Thank you for making me see that — stop it! Seriously! THIS ARTICLE DEFINITELY ISN’T ABOUT YOU. See, this is why we didn’t work out. I swear, if I see you subtweeting me about this, I’m blocking your ass. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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