The Ex-White House Press Secretary Just Tweeted A Gripping Play-By-Play Account Of What Happened On 9/11

Ground zero and a tweet about 9/11
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September 11, 2001 is a day most Americans probably won’t forget — even though I was in second grade, I still remember that day’s events clearly. However, few remember it like ex-White House press secretary Ari Fleischer, who was with President Bush the entire day.

As he does every year, Fleischer took to Twitter to give a play-by-play account of what happened on 9/11 to remind everyone why it’s important to remember such a terrible day in American history.

It all began as a normal day for the White House staff.

However, in another part of the country, bad things were beginning to happen.

However, the POTUS and his team weren’t immediately aware of what was happening.

But even with limited knowledge, the team knew it was time to act.

But as more information reached them, the POTUS and his aides knew this was no longer an accident.

They knew they would have to act, but it was still unclear what they could do — and if they were even safe.

Extra security measures were taken all over the U.S.

Back in POTUS’s plane, it was still unclear exactly what was happening, which instilled panic in everyone.

About an hour after it was attacked, the South Tower collapsed.

POTUS and his team weren’t sure where they could safely land. Instead, they stayed in the air as they tried to figure out their next step.

And as the minutes ticked on, things just got worse.

Finally, after much debate, the team had a plan.

By now, it was only hours after the first attack, and there everything was still pretty chaotic.

And unsurprisingly, the panic caused a lot of false alarms.

For now, that’s where Fleischer left off, but he’s sure to post more minute-by-minute updates throughout the day. Be sure to follow the whole things on his Twitter feed.

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