Kylie Jenner Is Pregnant But According To This Wild Theory It Might Not Actually Be Her Child

Kylie Jenner on "Life of Kylie" reality TV show
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Last week, several sources announced that Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the Kardashian clan, is officially pregnant. That’s right: get ready to say hello to a new Kardashian (and a whole lot of drama).

But while sources claimed that the baby was boyfriend Travis Scott’s, who Jenner has been dating since April, others aren’t as convinced. Some truly believe that the baby belongs to longtime ex Tyga, who allegedly posted (and then deleted) this Snapchat after the reveal:

However, some fans truly believe this wild theory: that Kylie Jenner IS pregnant, but not with her own child. Instead, she is the surrogate for Kim and Kanye’s next child.

Okay, so this one is definitely a stretch, but when you think about it, it also kind of makes sense. Kimye has been searching for a surrogate for their third child for the past few months, which was around the timeframe Kylie got pregnant.

I mean, think about it: the Kardashian family is incredibly close, and they’re constantly trying to help one another out. And who could Kimye trust with their child more than an actual family member? There are so many people willing to backstab the Kardashians that I wouldn’t be surprised if they wanted their surrogate to be someone very close. And I mean very close. Is it really that surprising that Kylie might be the perfect choice?

At the same time, the theory probably isn’t true, because I can’t really imagine a grown woman asking her successful (and probably busy) 20-year-old sister who has never been pregnant before to carry her baby for her. I just don’t believe it.

So, what do you think? Should we be expecting one or two Kardashians in early 2018? Only time will tell. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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