Hillary Clinton Just Clapped Back At Donald Trump For Criticizing Her New Book With This Savage Tweet

Youtube / NBC News and Twitter / @realDonaldTrump

For those of you who don’t know, Hillary Clinton recently released her book “What Happened”, which is her account of what happened during the 2016 election and how it all went wrong. It is, according to my co-worker Jacob Geers, the last book he read that made him cry.


Anyone else having some pretty traumatic flashbacks from 2016????

Anyway, Clinton’s book was highly anticipated and made pretty big waves with the media, especially since 2016 was all about the ~drama~ and I guess we haven’t had enough yet. Especially, as it would seem, Donald Trump.

After Clinton’s book release yesterday, Trump tweeted about it, as he is wont to do.



Well, Mr. President, I have two questions for you:

  1. Why do you still call her “Crooked Hillary” when you are the president and not a 12-year-old boy?
  2. She won the popular vote by 3 million people (okay, not a question, but it seemed like a relevant fact to throw in).

Of course, Clinton, who’s been known to respond to Trump’s tweets in the past, wasn’t about to just let it go.

In case you’re wondering, that’s the children’s version of her book. So. yeah.

People on Twitter were shook by Clinton’s savage clap back.

Others were just dealing with some serious post-traumatic stress because of it.


Anyway, in all honesty, I don’t really get why Trump even has to time to tweet about this shit when he should be running the country, but maybe that’s just me. I care more about what he’s going to do about DACA than about what he thinks of Clinton’s book, which, newsflash, we all already knew he was going to hate it. Can we just move on now? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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