Hey Climate Change Deniers, Still Think This Is All A Hoax?

A hurricane captured by NASA
Unsplash / Nasa

Irma ravaged the Caribbean Islands just weeks after Harvey devastated Texas; hurricanes Jose and Katia threaten to make their marks on Mexico and, once again, the Caribbean.

Its rare to see so many tropical storms brewing in the Atlantic Ocean; in fact, its rare to see this many tropical storms within one month at all. So far in 2017, we’ve already seen the average number of hurricanes usually expected in one year — and scientists believe there are more to come.

Yet despite this devastating display of nature, some people are still fighting what they believe is the “good fight”: denying climate change.

Earlier this year, Trump announced the US would withdraw from the Paris Accord, which was created to cut down greenhouse gas emissions around the world. The move worried many, especially those who believed the U.S. government wouldn’t restrict harmful emissions otherwise. Which isn’t hard to believe, considering many powerful players in the government are, in fact, climate change deniers.

Why are people so quick to reject the idea of climate change, despite overwhelming amounts of evidence that support it? In fact, 97 percent of climate scientists agree that climate-warming trends have been linked to human activity, which probably shouldn’t be a surprise. Is it really so hard to believe that what we do — and especially what we do on a larger scale with industries and carbon dioxide emissions — could actually impact the world around us? Shouldn’t it be a given that almost everything we do has some sort of consequence, and that polluting our environment is no different?


Of course, hurricanes themselves are normal weather events, but that’s not what we’re arguing here. According to The Independent, scientists say that while climate change may not have necessarily caused the storms, it did intensify them, causing them to leave a path of destruction in their wake. You can’t deny that what’s been happening these past few weeks can’t exactly be classified as “normal” weather patterns.

This is just the beginning of unusual environmental changes we’re going to see if we continue to recklessly disregard the scientific evidence that points toward our destruction of the biosphere. But it’s okay, just keep calling it a hoax. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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