Apple Just Announced The iPhone X And It’s Already One Giant Hilarious Meme

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Before it’s even released its iPhone 8, Apple has announced that they’re latest model, a special edition phone that costs about as much money as I have in my bank account (lol jk I don’t have $1,000), will be released in November. It’s called the iPhone X, it’s packed with new features, and it’s already one giant Internet meme.

To begin with, it has some pretty intense new features, including Face ID, a new form of security that uses facial recognition technology to unlock your phone. Yeah, like that’s gonna go well.

Also, it has glass on the front AND the back. Can’t see anything going wrong with that.

Sadly, it still can’t do everything we’d like it to.

Also did we mention the price or

I’ll stick with my iPhone 7, thanks. TC mark

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