War Is Coming, The End Is Near, And The Tweets Are Fire

A van is on fire and there is chaos and destruction
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If you haven’t heard about the threat of war between North Korea and the U.S., you have apparently stayed far away from all social media, news stations, and civilization in general, in which case, why are you even reading this? Go back to living in blissful ignorance.

For the rest of us: if you’re kind of scared, you aren’t alone. Ever since the news that North Korea has been developing it’s nuclear weapons (and that the U.S. is certainly a target), the political atmosphere has been a little uneasy, and it doesn’t help that Trump is, per usual, adding to the fire.

Is anyone really surprised? Hardly. No one loves a good pissing contest more than Donald J. Trump. But also, can we not right now??? We get it, your dick is bigger, now put the phone down.

We might as well come to terms with the fact that this is inevitably the end. But it’s OK, guys — nuclear war may be on the horizon, but at least the tweets are fire.

All we can do is hope we get to experience everything we want to before it all ends, like the series finale of Game Of Thrones.

Good luck out there, friends, and remember: if you ever feel like crying as your life spins out into an existential crisis, just check Twitter. TC mark

Callie Byrnes

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