This Professor Completely Destroyed A Conservative Blogger’s Sexist Tweet About Modern Gender Roles

Matt Walsh twitter profile picture, a picture from Hurricane Harvey and a tweet
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Matt Walsh is a conservative blogger who likes to stir the pot. Think of him as a male Tomi Lahren — loud, proud, and controversial.

So it’s not exactly surprising that Walsh’s tweet about Hurricane Harvey wasn’t exactly well-received, and I’m sure you can tell why.

People were pretty annoyed that someone was taking an act of kindness during a devastating time and turning it into a debate about gender roles.

Others turned it into a joke, because it’s Twitter, duh.

And then you have this woman, an actual gender studies professor at the University of Notre Dame, who decided to take it into her own hands to own this dude’s ass.

What was that you were saying, Matt? I can’t hear you over the sound of your tweet being DESTROYED. TC mark

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