This Man Married The Woman Who Stopped Him From Committing Suicide, And Their Story Will Make You Believe In Fate

Quora / Kevin Walsh

When someone posted “What is one moment in your life you thought could only happen in a movie?” to Quora, the answered flooded in. Between stories about DJ Khaled crashing a graduation ceremony and drag racing Lamborghinis, one story in particular stood out: that of Kevin Walsh, whose life was saved by a fateful phone call with the girl who would become his future wife.

Kevin wrote that when he saw the question on the site, he knew he had to answer it:

Once upon a time I was 13 at a summer camp and the prettiest girl I’d ever seen walked right up to me and said “black is a good color on you.” No idea why. We chatted and became friends, exchanged AIM screen names (it was the time) and stayed in touch for a while.

We fell off each others’ radar some time in high school, but I can promise you that not a day went by that I didn’t think about that girl. Even now I’m not sure I can say why – something about her just stayed with me.

But things got rough for Walsh in the following years, and he didn’t think he could handle it.

In my senior year I went through some dumb high school stuff that seemed earth-shattering at the time, and fell hard into depression. I resolved to take my own life, wrote a note and went to where I planned to end things.

Somewhere between 5 and 10 seconds before I would have committed suicide, my phone rang. I checked the caller ID – I couldn’t die not knowing. It was a number I didn’t recognize, so I picked up and it was her.

That phone call would change his life forever — and lead to perhaps the biggest miracle of all.

I asked her what was up and she said she just felt like she had to call me. At that point it had been a year since we had spoken, and at that moment she just had to call. Long story short, she pried, I spilled the beans and she talked me out of it. I mean she literally said “What? Don’t do that.” And that was that.

She made me promise to call her the next day, and we hung up. That night I started writing the words which, ten years later, I’d propose with.

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People were touched by Walsh’s story, which has received nearly 35,000 upvotes and 290,000 views, and it’s easy to see why.

Kevin told Buzzfeed News that the best thing to do when you’re having suicidal thoughts is to talk to someone: “There is power in saying it out loud. There’s a good chance that the moment it comes out of your mouth you’ll realize it isn’t what you want at all.”

I think we can all agree that this is not only a movie moment, but one that is both touching and inspiring and reminds us that, truly, things get better. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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