This Dad Got Stranded At His Daughter’s University, So He Decided To Follow Her To Class

The Dad who crashed his daughter's class because he was stranded during Harvey
Twitter / @ometeanassi

Hurricane Harvey has messed with a lot of people’s travel plans this week. Like this dad’s, who was supposed to try into Houston after dropping his daughter off at college but is no longer able to because of weather conditions. And since he was stranded, he decided to make the most of his time.

That’s right — he followed her to class to see what the fuss was about.

Twitter / @ometeanassi
Twitter / @ometeanassi

Can we all agree that this is the most “dad” thing ever?

Apparently, he’s not the only parent who’s stranded at college because of the hurricane.

Here’s to parents who cross boundaries and do anything to embarrass us, but who we love anyway. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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