A Comedian Became Mayor Of Hell, Michigan Just To Make This Hilarious Joke And Now ‘Conservative Twitter’ Is Pissed

Elijah Daniel becoming the Mayor of Hell
Twitter / @elijahdaniel

I never thought I would say that, but there is literally nothing in life that makes me happier than Hell, Michigan and its former Mayor, who was impeached after he announced a ban on all straight people entering the town.

Before I get into the story, let me clarify: Elijah Daniel is a Youtube comedian who is perhaps best known for his 10-page gay fanfic novel about Donald Trump. He’s not afraid to do some pretty heinous shit for a video, which brings us here…

He decided that since Trump, a reality TV star, could become president, then he could hold public office, too.

Daniel, who is gay, decided to use his power to get some justice for the LGBTQ+ community and to make a pretty big statement about our own president. So he copy and pasted Trump’s Muslim ban but made one small adjustment — he changed “Muslim” to “heterosexual”.

And, well, heterosexuals were kind of pissed.

However, a lot of people were amazed at Daniel’s degree, which was meant to be a prank but was wonderful all the same.

But the people of Hell, Michigan wouldn’t have it, so they did what they did best: they impeached him.

“That’s actually not a problem,” Daniels told the Huffington Post. “Everyone who becomes mayor there gets impeached. Most of the people who visit are same-sex couples who want to be married in Hell.”

Still, it is almost scary how easy it was for someone with no political background to hold office. It makes you wonder what could happen next…

Anyway, pour one out for Elijah Daniel, the best mayor Hell has ever seen. TC mark

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