Stay Single Until You Meet Someone Like This Guy Who Will Do Anything To Get His GF The Perfect Insta Pic

Paola Penton's perfect Instagram photo in the water
Instagram / @paolapenton

A man must be three things: loyal, honest, and great at taking fire Insta pics. Anything less isn’t worth it.

The art of taking the perfect picture isn’t easy. Just ask Paola Pentón González, who goes to incredible lengths to win his girlfriend’s heart and also up her Insta game to a whole other level. Same thing?

If this doesn’t seem like a big deal, then you obviously have no idea how hard it is to take an Insta-worthy photo. You see this picture?

To get it, González had to pull a pretty risky stunt…


It’s not the first time he’s helped his girl up her following count, because true love is about wanting the best for each other (and what’s best for your social media presence).

Trust me, we’re all incredibly jealous.

Stay single until you find someone like this. Seriously. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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