Kit Harington Is Starring In A New TV Show This Fall, And It Might Just Be The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fix You Need

Kit Harrington in the trailer for BBC's Gunpowder
Youtube / BBC

With season seven of Game of Thrones officially at its end, you might find yourself craving your weekly Daenerys and Jon Snow fix. Which… I can’t really help you with, honestly.

But! Not all hope is lost! Because this Autumn, Kit Harington (AKA Jon Snow) will be starring in a new short series on BBC called Gunpowder.

The 3-part drama is about the gunpowder plot of 1605, which was an attempted assassination of King James I of England (that, spoiler alert, failed). In it, Harington will play Robert Catesby, the leader of the gunpowder plot and also Harington’s actual ancestor. Yep, Catesby is actually one of Harington’s maternal descendants. How’s that for keeping it in the family?

Unsurprisingly, people are pretty stoked for the thriller.

Anyone else see the resemblance?

What about now?

Lol jk sorry.

Anyway, it may not be as fun as watching him fuck his aunt, but it’s something. TC mark

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