Chance The Rapper Is Going Back To School And He Just Might Be Your New Classmate

Chance the Rapper with a giant muppet in his music video "Same Drugs"
Youtube / Chance the Rapper

Chance the Rapper has been pretty busy this past year. Whether he was putting out new music and winning Grammys or helping the Chicago public school system raise money, he’s been putting a lot of time and effort into a bunch of different projects. But apparently Chance doesn’t believe in sleep or rest, because he’s looking at starting another chapter of his life: school.

That’s right, Chance the Rapper is looking to further his education, which means you might be able to say THE Chance the Rapper is actually your classmate. Well, maybe.

According to his tweet, Chance was looking at going to Clark Atlanta University. And according to their social media, they want him pretty badly, too.

But, naturally, there are plenty of other colleges vying for his attention — some much more publicly than others.

Is it any surprise that schools want to add Chance to their list of alumni? He’s already doing great things, and it’s pretty obvious he’s going to continue doing great things.

So if you were ever thinking about transferring to a school in Atlanta, it’s time to do it. Because who wouldn’t want to have Lil Chano as their biology partner? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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