A Twitter Troll Called This Woman Sexist For Being Lesbian And Her Response Was Hilariously Perfect

Twitter / @markiplayer

I love nothing more than the controversial opinions of strangers on Twitter. Because why would I mind my own business when I could get into the business of people I’ve never met before?

Twitter user JJ definitely knows what I mean. After all, everyone is trying to tell her how to live her life, including this dude she’s never met before who thinks her opinions are hurting society.


It started with a random message asking her to get her “stupid opinions” off his timeline.

Twitter / @markiplayer

Yep, someone please call the police on this lesbian woman for proclaiming that she, in fact, loves women!!!!!!

Twitter / @markiplayer

She’s obviously the reason for gender inequality and sexism. How dare she talk about the fact that she loves anyone other than men!!!

Twitter / @markiplayer

I, too, feel personally victimized that a lesbian woman would prefer to sleep with women over men. This is not what us feminists have been fighting for!!!

Twitter / @markiplayer

And… OK… this is actually kind of scary? Conducting surveillance? What does that even entail? Why does he think it’s OK to threaten someone with hacking??? WHY ARE SOME MEN SO TERRIBLE??????



At least she’s great at handling him?







Please, God, grant me the patience and sass of this woman who doesn’t give a fuck about sexist randos on the Internet. And please, give me the ability to troll them as mercilessly and gracefully. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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