This Traveler Tweeted About What It’s Like To Fly As ‘A Very Fat Person’ And It’s Worse Than You’d Expect

Unsplash / Andreas Weiland and Twitter / @yrfatfriend

Traveling by plane is stressful for just about everyone. You have to worrying about making your flight, whether your bags are under the maximum weight, if TSA will pull you aside for something. But for some people, flying can become an absolute nightmare.

Twitter user Your Fat Friend started a thread about what it’s like to fly “as a very fat person” and trust me, it’s much worse than you’d expect.

For instance, did you realize how expensive it is?

Little things you don’t think about become a huge hassle.

Believe it or not, other passengers aren’t always very nice about it.

Honestly, being treated a certain way because of your size can take a huge emotional toll on you.

In the end, it’s important for people to keep in mind that this actually happens to people — and to, at the very least, try to learn from it.

Hopefully next time you’ll think twice before complaining about someone on your flight. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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