This Teen’s Summer Bucket List Went Viral And People On Twitter Are Obsessed With It

Even if you don’t have a bucket list written down somewhere, most of us at least know some things we want to do before we die. For instance, I hope to sky dive, write a book, and successfully own a house someday. Trust me, my life is wild.

This teen, however, has a lot she hopes to do before the summer of 2017 is over, and the list is… interesting, to say the least.

The list, which was found in a dressing room at Urban Outfitters, includes things like have sex, star gaze, get a boob hickey, and pet a giraffe. A few of the items are already checked off, like “hook up with Jacob (again)”, use sparklers, and get drunk all the time. Her list puts mine to shame.

The tweet quickly went viral as people began speculating who could have authored the list. For instance, how old is someone who both wants to have sex and do summer reading?

Others were concerned that she wasn’t gonna finish up everything she wanted to, because it’s a pretty ambitious list.

Most of us are really just trying to make sense of this all.

Who could this be?!?!

If you have any theories or new information, please let me know immediately. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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