This Is Why You Should Date The Adventurous Girl

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Fall in love with the adventurous girl, the one who jumps at the chance to try something new. Who chooses “dare” and actually goes through with it. You’ll never be bored because she always has something unique she wants to try. Whether it’s new food or new experiences, you’ll find yourself becoming open to a whole world of things you never knew about.

Fall in love with the spontaneous girl, the one who picks you up outside your house randomly at 2 a.m. Your friends will think she’s crazy, but the truth is while it can be exhausting, it’s also so much fun. You’ll never know what a week will look like, but you’ll find you like being kept on your toes.

Fall in love with the girl who travels, who jumps on a plane whenever she gets the chance to and plans to see as much as she can. She’ll have the best stories of anyone you know. You’ll learn things about the world you’d never know otherwise and find that you, too, want to experience everything she has. You’ll never truly understand wanderlust until you meet her.

And she’s not always easy to handle. Some days you’ll be tired of trying to keep up with her. She’s hard to please because she refuses to settle. She’ll want to road trip across the country on the weekend you want to stay home and relax; she’ll want to try foods from countries you’ve never heard of while you want to just stay in and order pizza. Some days you’ll wonder if you’re even enough for her — her world is so large, so complex, so intriguing. But god, she will change you. She’ll walk right in and shake up your entire life before she ever walks out of it.

So fall in love with the adventurous girl, even if it’s daunting. She’ll open your eyes to the world, and you’ll never see it the same way again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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