This Couple Took Two Full Years To Have A Conversation On Tinder, So The App Decided To Give Them A Little Push

Twitter / @Wes_03, Twitter / @mch_rnd and Twitter / @Tinder

I’ve always been terrible about responding to Tinder messages. Like, atrociously horrible. If you ever get a response from me, it’ll probably be a few days (or weeks) after your original message. Sorry?

But I am not alone, it turns out. Josh Avsec and Michelle Arendas basically founded their whole Tinder-relationship off of being terrible communicators, which gives hope to terrible texters like me.

Twitter / @Wes_03
Twitter / @Wes_03

Josh uploaded the conversation to Twitter, where Michelle happened to find it.

But Michelle wasn’t the only one who saw the screenshots — someone at Tinder happened upon it as well and decided to finally give these two love birds the push they needed.

OK, so I’m jealous, but whatever. It’s ~fate~, obviously.

In the end, Tinder taught us the most important lesson:

Or something like that. I guess we all have a reason to re-download Tinder again? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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