Taylor Swift Is Allegedly Hiding In A Giant Suitcase And Everyone On Twitter Wants To Know WTF Is Going On

Wikimedia / GabboT

We know Taylor Swift has been a little under wraps lately, but we didn’t realize she was this under wraps. According to Spin 1038, Swift was allegedly recently spotted outside her Tribecca apartment — except, here’s the thing, she was in a giant suitcase.


The claim seems a little, ah, weird?




I’m going to be honest, I’m not sure what Taylor would be doing in a giant suitcase. Would she be hiding from the media? Doing some weird performance art? Just getting some well-earned alone time while on the go? I have so many questions and so little answers.

But honestly, whatever the reason, is it wrong that we kind of hope the rumor is true?


OK, so I don’t know wtf is wrong with Taylor Swift, but just look at the jokes.



You OK, Taylor? Knock twice if yes. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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