Snortable Chocolate Is Now A Thing And People Are Concerned It Might Be A New Gateway Drug

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Remember when you were that kid who used to snort Pixy Stix at elementary school birthday parties and you thought you were so cool and totally not a burgeoning cocaine addict? Well, now there are ~cooler~ things for kids to inhale — namely, chocolate.

That’s right. Coco Loko is a chocolate-based powder full of stimulants that will give you an “energy-drink feeling.” Who needs coffee when you’ve got chocolate powder to shove up your nose? That shit goes right to your brain.

Some people were worried that Coco Loko will become a gateway drug to worse things — you know, like if teens realize they really like snorting things and decide to try out cocaine while they’re at it. However, Dr. Andrew Lane told the Washington Post that he wasn’t particularly worried about it: “If you’re going to do drugs, you probably don’t start with chocolate.” Speak for yourself, but OK.

Some people were thrilled to have any new suggestion on how to digest their favorite desert, because chocolate > everything else.

But mostly people just thought it was dumb AF.

Come on, like you’ve never snorted the OG chocolate powder before. This is all just a ruse so the government can officially control it.

Say what you want, but I still think it’s better than snorting Smarties powder. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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