Fall In Love With Your Best Friend

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Fall in love with your best friend. With the person who makes you laugh the most. With the person who makes you smile even when you don’t want to. With the person who makes ordinary days feel extraordinary.

Fall in love with the person who’s seen you at your worst. With the person you’re OK to not be OK around. With the person who understands your hurt and wants to heal it. With the person who has stood by your side through Hell and back.

Fall in love with the person who inspires you to be your best. Who encourages you to chase your dreams. Who believes wholeheartedly that you can do anything you set your mind to. Who roots for you even when everybody else abandons you.

Fall in love with someone who gets you. Who can read your expression as if you’re an open book. Who knows your hopes, your fears, your dreams, and never judges you for them. Who understands you better than you understand yourself and loves you all the same.

People tell you not to fall for someone close to you, that it’s messy and risky and heartbreaking, but the truth is they’re the ones who will love you the deepest — because they have already proved that they care, that they will be there for you even without the strings attached, that they would never hurt you. And that’s something you deserve.

So go for it. Jump in blindly, even though it’s scary, even though there’s a chance that everything will go wrong. Being afraid to lose them is how you know it’s worth fighting for. Because if things go right, it will be the best relationship you’ve ever had, and you’ll finally understand what it means to have a forever person.

Fall in love with your best friend, because no one will love you like someone who already knows how to. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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