Vandals Set Fire To The Memorial Of The Muslim Teen Who Was Murdered While Walking To A Mosque

Flickr / Josh and via LaunchGood

Police are investigating the memorial of Muslim teen Nabra Hassanen, which was set on fire Wednesday morning under “suspicious” conditions.

Hassanen, 17, was murdered on Sunday morning while walking to her mosque, and though authorities claimed the death was due to “road rage”, they confirmed that her aggressor hit her with a bat, took her in his car to another location and assaulted her again before throwing her body into a pond. DC locals, many of whom believed Hassanen’s death was a hate crime, created a memorial for the teen in Dupont Circle.

24-year-old Jonathon Soloman of South Carolina has been arrested in connection to the fire.

FBI allegedly arrived in Dupont Circle this morning to investigate the scene of the crime and its potential as a hate crime.

According to police officials, it’s unclear whether the objects set on fire belonged to the vandal or if they were already at the memorial.

Soloman was charged with vandalism but it is unclear now whether or not authorities will consider his act a hate crime.

To help support Hassanen’s family, click here to donate to their cause or find out where you can attend a vigil in honor of Hassanen’s life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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