This Mom Made Some Unlikely Friends After She Dropped Her Daughter Off For College Orientation

Many college students still remember their first day of school โ€” maybe it wasnโ€™t too uneventful, but it was still marked a pretty important day in their lives. This girl, for instance, will probably never forget her college orientation at Texas State University, but mostly because while she was making new friends, so was her mother.

Avery Leilani received these texts from her mom, who happened to find herself a new friend group to chill with while her daughter was busy.

Twitter / @Avery_Leilani
Twitter / @Avery_Leilani

OK, but Mom, can you hook a sister up?

At least Averyโ€™s a good sport about the fact that her mom probably met more attractive men than she did on her first day.

Apparently this is a Mom Thing, which means itโ€™s time for me to pop out a few babies in hope that they will someday lead me to this situation.

But knowing moms and their inner workings, sheโ€™s probably gonna find a way to hook Avery up, which is admirable and selfless and totally something I would not be able to do (see: the reason I am not a mom).

Letโ€™s just say that itโ€™s probably going to be an interesting year for Avery โ€” and her mom. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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