This Father Asked Twitter For Help Surprising His Bullied Son For His Birthday, But He Didn’t Expect The Overwhelming Response

Twitter / @Hopenlesmyth and Twitter / @Memusi_Matt

Here’s a heartwarming story to help get you through the hell that is 2017: this man made a call-to-action to give his son the best birthday present ever.

Twitter-user Chris decided to reach out on the Internet when he found out his son, Ollie, was being bullied by a kid who claimed he would always have better things than him. So Chris did what any good dad would do — he decided to see if someone could help him prove to his son that his bully wasn’t right.

The thing is, not only did it work, but it really worked. Not only has Ollie already gotten more birthday wishes from more people than I’ve ever gotten in my life combined, but quite a few of them were from familiar faces.

Like seriously, Ollie received a whole lot of love.

Even England (ENGLAND) gave him a shoutout.

And of course, Chris was incredibly grateful to everyone who reached out with a special birthday message.

Even Ollie’s mom wanted to thank everyone for the overwhelming support.

Ah, why not — happy birthday, Ollie! I may not be famous by any stretch of the imagination, but you deserve every possible birthday message you can get. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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