This Astronaut’s Epic Tweets From Space Will Make You Want To Change Your Career Path Immediately

Twitter / @Thom_astro

Growing up, I never dreamed of becoming an astronaut, but Thomas Pesquet is starting to change my mind. During his six months at the International Space Station, Pesquet has tweeted out a collection of pictures and videos that’ll make you want to reconsider your career (because who doesn’t want to chill in space?)

I mean, just look how cool the view is.

Pesquet gets the absolute best shots of all your favorite places around the world.

Like, the entire world is literally right under his feet.

Not to mention the whole zero-gravity thing is really fucking cool.

Who else can do the mannequin challenge in such an epic way?

Not to mention they’re basically living the lives of our childhood heroes.

Of course, all good things must come to an end.

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