Snapchat’s New Update Shares Your Exact Location With All Of Your Friends, So Good Luck Finding Excuses To Get Out Of Plans Now

Twenty20 / @armisan

If you haven’t heard yet, Snapchat just announced a new feature that’s definitely going to ruin at least one of your friendships. Why, you may ask? Well, because it’ll share your location with all of your Snapchat friends. Yes, all of them. Even that one you lied to about what you’d be doing this weekend.

Snap Maps shares your real-time location with your friends, which they can view on an interactive map. And it doesn’t just show the general area you’re in — no, that would be child’s play. It shows exactly what street you’re on, and exactly which section of that street you’re hanging out at.

So that little white lie you told your boyfriend about where you’ll be going with your friends that night? Lmao, good luck trying to explain that.

And that time you were worried that your friends were all secretly hanging out without you, but you never had proof? Call up your lawyers, fam, you’ve got solid evidence now.

That dude you drunkenly added a few months ago after you made out with him next to the bathroom at the bar? Good luck trying to avoid him now that he knows exactly where to “accidentally” run into you.

But hey, at least it lets you be the sleuth you’ve always wanted to be!

Luckily the app also offers this thing called “ghost mode” that will hide your location from the map, which is where I’ll be happily living out the rest of my days as an antisocial Millennial who’s secretly at home 85 percent of the time she’s “busy”. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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