Rihanna Is Tweeting At World Leaders To Advocate Education Funding, As If I Needed A Reason To Love Her More

Youtube / DJKhaledVEVO and Twitter / @rihanna

Just when I thought Rihanna couldn’t be more perfect, she destroyed all my expectations by proving that yes, she can indeed get better. The Wild Thoughts singer and Cavs superfan has now taken to Twitter to become the hero we never knew we needed — by tweeting at world leaders to advocate education funding.

Education has been pushed to the back burner in some countries, which is incredibly unfortunate considering it’s the key to shaping an entire generation and, as a by-product, the future. It’s incredibly important that people use their voices to point out these problems and issue a call-to-action. So while Rihanna might be “just a singer”, you better know people are going to answer.


Luckily, some political leaders answered her call.

And you know we’re all stoked that the Queen is using her power for good.

Keep slaying, Rhi, and don’t let anyone forget how important education funding truly is. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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