Justin Trudeau Surprised This Family By Kayaking Up To Their House To Talk To Them About Climate Change

Flickr / Alex Guibord and Twitter / @carrierobinson_

Imagine this: you’re sitting outside your lake house, watching the boats float by and sipping on a cocktail, when you notice something on the horizon moving toward you. It’s a kayak, you realize after a moment of straining your eyes. But this is not just any kayak — as it drifts toward you, you realize it’s helmed by none other than dreamboat Justin Trudeau, who calls out to you as he approaches.

Sounds like a really great dream, doesn’t it? But this was the reality for this family who was visited by the Canadian Prime Minister via kayak. Why? He wanted to talk about climate change.

Trudeau chatted with the Robinson family about the rising water levels on the lake. And yeah, sure, that’s really important, but we’re all too distracted by the fact that JUSTIN TRUDEAU JUST KAYAKED UP TO THIS FAMILY’S HOUSE.

Let’s just say we all want our own Trudeaus.


He’s perfect.

It’s funny — as a U.S. citizen, I too have dreams of my president on a boat, but it’s in a slightly different situation.

Now if only Trudeau could kayak right up to my landlocked home and take me away to Canada with him — that would truly be the dream. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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