JAY-Z Opened Up About Cheating On Beyonce In His New Album And People On Twitter Are Freaking Out

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JAY-Z just dropped his new album 4:44 and it’s already become the hottest topic on the Internet, but not because of the music itself. Instead, everyone’s talking about the hot gossip it provided — that is, Sean Carter’s relationship with Beyoncé.

When Queen Bey dropped Lemonade, an album dedicated to her husband’s infidelity, last year, the whole world practically exploded. Because not only were fans thrilled to have a new album, they were also horrified that the world’s favorite power couple may not have been as ***Flawless as they hoped. Others, however, argued that Beyoncé’s album was simply a fabricated story used to gain attention and money.

But JAY-Z, like Beyoncé, dedicated parts of his album to give his side of the story and finally address Becky With The Good Hair (“Yeah, I’ll fuck up a good thing if you let me/Let me alone Becky!”) and the elevator fiasco with Solange (“You egged Solange on, knowing all along all you had to say you was wrong/You almost went Eric Benet, let the baddest girl in the world get away…”), and fans are freaking out.

There are some pretty interested comparisons to some of Beyoncé’s songs, which we don’t really think is a coincidence.

He even admitted that it took having his daughter to understand his wrongs and to try to right them.

People were SHOOK.

And yet, we are honored.

We’ll never know the full story of what happened with JAY-Z and Beyoncé, but it does humanize the couple, who often feel untouchable. And it’s that vulnerability that makes fans out of people like me. TC mark

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