This Guy Tweeted Out The Insane Story Of His ‘Lil Lunatic’ Ex Girlfriend And I Am Shook / Eva Katalin Kondoros and Twitter / @Hoemar__

Many people have what they like to call their “crazy ex”, but few can say that they actually dated someone who is 100 percent actually psychotic. But Twitter user @Hoemar__ (or Omar, as I’ll call him) definitely wins the prize for craziest ex girlfriend story, which is all kinds of weird.

Buckle up, friends. It’s going to be a long, bumpy ride.

It all started like every love story: actually kind of cute.

And here’s where the story starts getting insane.

Oh, really, Omar? You were just beginning to suspect this?

Being jealous of other women is one thing, but this ex took it way too far when Omar’s family became involved.

Yes, but wait.

Think she’s crazy? Oh, you just wait.

Apparently Omar has not learned from his mistakes.

Come on, Omar, I was rooting for you! We were all rooting for you!!!

You’re enthusiasm is a little premature, Omar.

Are you telling me it gets crazier?!

Of course it’s not that easy, though.

Or was she?

Oh, but it’s not over yet.



BUT! It’s still not over, guys. Get ready for this.

But why stop there?

Get ready for the grand finale, my friends.


At least there was a happy ending? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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