Guys Are Rebelling Against The Dress Code By Wearing Skirts And It’s Actually Kind Of Working

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I never thought this day would come, but then again, I never expected anything that’s happened in 2017 to happen: guys are using skirts to fight against the dress code. No, not the women’s dress code, but the men’s one.

According to many dress codes, boys and men aren’t allowed to wear shorts because they’re considered too “casual”. But in the summer heat, wearing just about anything that covers your legs is basically unbearable.

It started with Twitter user @jBarge_ (or Joey, as I’ll call him), who was sent home after wearing smart shorts to work.

His solution? Wear a dress, since ~technically~ it’s not against the dress code.

And it actually somewhat worked.

These teen boys from the UK took note of Joey’s protest and did something similar at their school, which also had a strict dress code for boys. And while it’s unclear whether the protest has worked yet, it’s definitely garnered a lot of attention.

Dress codes have been under fire for a while, but usually they’re focused on the limitations on what women are allowed to wear. But these guys have a point: while these particular rules may not be focused on the sexualization of men (as women’s usually are), it’s impractical to ask people to wear long, heavy pants in the heat, especially when women have summer options that allow bare legs.

At least we can finally all agree that dress codes are stupid, no matter what your gender may be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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