Twitter Helped Reunite These Two Friends Who Were Separated During The Manchester Bombing

Twitter / @RileyBlackery and Twitter / @nathanlamb26

Last night, a bomb went off at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, leaving 22 confirmed dead (including the suspected attacker) and dozens other injured.

Unsurprisingly, the panicked evacuation of the arena separated many friends and family members, and some of them didn’t have easy ways of reuniting. Twitter user Riley Blackery experienced this firsthand when she lost her friend during the commotion and took to social media to try to find her.

Luckily, people on Twitter were there to help and quickly sent her information they thought could help.

Unfortunately, even then she wasn’t able to find her friend immediately.

But eventually someone saw her tweet and was able to give her the information she needed.

While it was an emotional night as a whole, people were happy that the two friends were safe and reunited.

You can say what you want about social media, but sometimes it truly is amazing. Let’s not forget the good people who worked hard to help each other in the time of tragedy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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