This Healthy High School Student Died From Drinking Too Much Caffeine

Flickr / Tambako The Jaguar and Instagram / @pinksicle

We’ve all heard that large caffeine intakes can be unhealthy, but rarely have we been told they’re deadly. However, it’s probably something we should start talking about more after this healthy teen died from a caffeine overdose.

16-year-old Davis Cripe from South Carolina experienced heart problems after drinking a large Mountain Dew, a McDonald’s latte and an energy drink all within two hours, according to the Associated Press. He later collapsed in one of his high school classrooms and died in the hospital soon after.

Gary Watts, the coroner who examined Cripe’s body, said that Cripe had been a healthy teen with no pre-existing heart conditions. Still, the caffeine proved too be too much for his body to take.

So maybe next time you’re downing energy drinks to pull that all-nighter, you might want to think twice. Caffeine may have become a normal part of the American diet, but that doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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