This Couple’s Heartbreaking Story About Drunk Driving Is The Cautionary Tale We All Need To Hear

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We’ve been told drinking and driving is bad since we were children, but some people still act like they haven’t gotten the memo. While it might seem harmless to drive a few streets over to get to your house after you’ve had a few drinks, your actions can have very real consequences that affect not just yourself but others.

This couple’s story is a prime example of why driving under the influence is such a problem.

Imgur / LadySnacks

Imgur user LadySnacks wrote that her husband had just gotten a good job as a bus driver and that she felt like they were finally in a good place in life. They were newly married after eloping together, which she called the “Best decision ever.”

Imgur / LadySnacks

“You can see in his face his love for me,” she wrote. “We were in love with each other for 4 years. Never said anything until ‘I do.'”

However, everything changed one night when LadySnack’s husband witnessed a car accident at night and went to help the people involved.

LadySnacks wrote:

Got hit by a drunk driver that didn’t see the accident. Nailed him, man. He’s been in the hospital for 6 days now. I have not left his side, which is harder than it sounds. Watching him through every phase, hurt, asking “Are you in pain?” And all he can do is nod slightly… when he’s awake.

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He suffered from a brain injury and a broken neck, cheeks, jaw upper calf and lower calf and had a spiral fraction in ankle. His lungs collapsed and there is a strong possibility he will be quadriplegic.

“I love him, he’s my husband,” she wrote. “Though sickness and health, babe.”

LadySnacks took to Imgur in hopes of gaining the support of strangers during this difficult time, but her story is also a cautionary tale for those of you who consider getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. It might just seem like a quick drive, but it’s a short distance that could completely alter someone’s life for good. TC mark

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