This Article Claimed ‘The Bachelorette’ ‘Proved’ Black Women Like Men Outside Their Race And People Are Pissed

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There was a lot of buzz when it was announced that the Bachelor’s Rachel Lindsay would become the first ever black Bachelorette. It seemed a little late in the game — did it really take you till 2017 to get a non-white girl in the limelight? — but still, it was progress.

Bachelor Nation recently released the names and profiles of the men who will be vying for Rachel’s heart, and while many of them seem questionable (per usual for The Bachelorette), there was something else that caught media outlet Newsweek’s eye.

Iiiiinteresting, Newsweek. Tell us more.

Though the original tweet linking to the story has been deleted (wonder why), there are still plenty of responses saved on Twitter from people who read the article and wondered what the fuck Newsweek thought it was doing.

I mean, who knew people could fall in love outside of their race, let alone do anything else?!

Let us fix the headline for you, Newsweek…

But, I mean, good try I guess. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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