These Students Shut Down A Homophobic Protest By Starting A Dance Party And It’s Absolutely Hilarious

Twitter / @f0lake

Almost every major university has a pseudo-religious extremist that likes to visit the campus every year to cause chaos in destruction. At my university, it was some dude named Brother Jeb who liked to yell about the dangers of masturbation. And at the University of California in Irvine, they have this guy, “homo sex is a sin” sign and all.

Twitter user folake aina uploaded a video of how students responded to the man, who wore a shirt that said, “Women belong in the kitchen.” Let’s just say there were a lot of witty responses, sarcastic remarks and even a dance party.

That’s right — a legitimate dance party.

To be fair, the guy definitely sounds like he deserved it.

He literally did not know when to stop. And it got worse when his friend came along.

Yeah, they were the absolute WORST, but at least they got what they deserved.

Let’s just say that a lot of people were super proud of all the students who stood up to him on campus.

As it turns out, this guy didn’t just hang around UCI — he had a tendency of going to different campuses around the area with similar signs.

But there’s a happy ending here: he got what he had coming to him.

All’s well that ends well. Let’s just hope he doesn’t make a comeback. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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