People On Twitter Just Came Up With A Hilariously Genius Movie Idea Starring Stanley Tucci And Jeff Goldblum

Youtube / Team Coco, Youtube / GamingApeHDTV and Twitter / @tylerfbradley

Ever since the Internet made the Rihanna and Lupita Nyong’o movie a thing, Twitter users are starting to realize the power of suggestion. What new dream team could we turn into a reality? How far can we go?

Twitter user  is looking to test the limits with this new movie idea starring Stanley Tucci and Jeff Goldblum.

And honestly, the Internet was loving it. Think of all the things you could do with this idea!

Just think of the awesome characters this movie could have, all played by familiar faces.

People offered some alternative storylines as well, just to spice things up.

And what about a cartoon version?

OK, I’m just gonna say it: go ahead and take my money now.

Come on, guys, we made this happen once and we can make it happen again.

See you all in the theater! I’ll be the one crying into my popcorn. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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