People On Twitter Have Some Ideas About Who Should Be The New FBI Director And They’re Hilariously Perfect

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On Tuesday afternoon, the news came out that Donald Trump had fired James Comey, the director of the FBI who also happened to testify under oath that he was investigating the president’s ties to Russia. People were pretty rightfully pissed.

But since this is the Internet, some people dealt with the news the only way they knew how to: humor.

So what did Twitter decide to do? Find Comey’s replacement, of course. Now that there’s an open seat in the FBI, people had plenty of ideas who could fill the new role (and hopefully continue looking into Trump’s ties to Russia, but maybe that’s just wishful thinking).

This is what we all expect to come from this:

But we’re all hoping it’s someone a little more experienced. We have a few suggestions.

But we know who the more likely candidates are.

Or worse.


Unfortunately, at this point, that wouldn’t even seem like a very hard thing to do.

I guess we’ll have to reserve some judgement until we see who’ll replace Comey. But until then, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Burt Macklin. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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