People On Twitter Are Writing Trudeau-Macron Bromance Fanfiction And It’s Hilariously Beautiful

Twitter / @jaimewoo

Still sad that the era of the Obama-Trudeau bromance is over? Trust me, you aren’t alone. A lot of great things came out of Obama’s presidency, but that was probably one of the very best.

But luckily, we might be getting a replacement pretty soon — at least, we sure hope.

Let me introduce you to the Trudeau-Macron bromance:

Emmanuel Macron only won the French election a few days ago, but we’re already dreaming of the beautiful friendship these two could have.

Um, friendship?

Yeah, OK, sure. Either way, we’re all crossing our fingers that they’ll get along great and fulfill all the bromance fantasies Obama left behind when he left office. We need this.

What can we say?

I mean, it just is. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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