People Are Using This 14-Year-Old Rapper’s Viral Tweet To Troll Their Girlfriends And Holy Shit It’s Hilarious

Twitter / @Zrowable

If you haven’t heard of MattyB, you’re not the only one. In fact, I’d never even heard the name before until this tweet from a guy telling his girlfriend to “watch out” for the 14-year-old rapper went viral.

MattyB is the star of an incredibly popular YouTube channel called “MattyBRaps“, which has over 8 million subscribers. Most of the teen’s success comes from the Internet — he has a huge social media following, which has garnered him a book deal and meet and greets all over the country. That’s more than I can say for myself at age 14, that’s for sure.

So why am I talking about MattyB? Because of this tweet, which caused people everywhere to start trolling their girlfriends.

It all started when Twitter user Jordy texted his girlfriend this ominous message after seeing MattyB’s tweet:

Twitter / @Zrowable

People found it pretty hilarious, so they decided to send similar messages to their own SOs. The results were absolutely hilarious.

Some people caught on a little faster than others.

And some people kind of wished they could’ve tried it, but…

Just remember: if you don’t have a SO to troll, it’s probably MattyB’s fault. He’s stealing everyone’s girlfriends these days. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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