Melania Publicly Rejected Donald Trump And Became 2017’s Newest Spirit Animal

Flickr / The White House

People have been worried about Melania Trump since inauguration day (literally), and she’s really not doing much to dispel the rumors. Not only has Melania stayed out of the limelight, but the few times she is forced to accompany her husband anywhere, something always seems a little off.

It was no different during the Trumps’ trip to Israel, where the POTUS tried to hold his First Lady’s hand and she, well, straight up rejected him.

I mean, she didn’t just accidentally ignore him, but actually swatted his hand away.

What does this mean for the Pres and his lady? Well, maybe nothing, but the Internet still found it interesting nonetheless, because it certainly didn’t look good.

Honestly, Melania doesn’t seem pleased with her husband at all (but really, are any of us?)

It hits a little too close to home in several ways.

She’s definitely not taking Trump’s shit and we’re loving it.

We are all Melania Trump.

OK, maybe she was just having a bad day, but I kind of like the idea of her finally taking a stand and refusing to play along anymore. Either way, I’m going to be watching this video on repeat for weeks. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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