Harry Styles Gave A Sweet Surprise To A 14-Year-Old Fan Who Was A Victim Of The Manchester Bombing

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As if I didn’t have enough reasons to love Harry Styles, he’s gone ahead and given me another one: he surprised a 14-year-old victim of the Manchester bombing with a phone call.

Freya Lewis had attended the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester with her friend Nell Jones, who was later killed in the attack. According to the Manchester Evening News, Lewis was taken to the hospital for a 10-and-a-half hours in surgery and has remained there since to treat her lacerations, fractures and burns.

Lewis’s sister Georgia decided to find a way to help her sister feel better and came up with the idea to get Harry Styles to help her out. She posted to Facebook asking people to tag the former One Direction member in hopes of getting his attention.

And guess what? It actually worked.

According to a blog post her parents wrote, Styles contacted Lewis in the hospital via phone, brightening the girl’s day.

The blog post read:

[T]he phone rang, and it was Harry Styles. Freya woke up, Harry said he loved her, she said she loved him, then Dad said he loved him!!

The PICU unit at Manchester Childrens Hospital has just been given a lift like you can not imagine!

Harry, we salute you sir, Holmes Chapel is very proud of you!!!!

Georgia posted to Facebook about the event, going so far to admit that even she had grown to love Styles after he reached out to her sister (although reluctantly).

Join the club, Georgia.

Styles, who grew up in Manchester, has already shown his support for the victims, both on Twitter and in concert.

“I ask you to please choose love every single day,” Styles told his fans.

Here’s a huge thank you to Harry Styles and other people of influence who have stepped up to condemn the attack and do what they can to help their fans recover. We love you, Harry. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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