Dove Introduced New Bottle Shapes For ‘Body Positivity’ And People On Twitter Think They’re Hilariously Stupid

I am all for body positivity. We should all practice self-love and acceptances, but damn it, advertisers are going to far. Don’t believe me? Just look at Dove’s new diversity campaign.

OK, I get where they’re trying to go with this, but that doesn’t really change the fact that they didn’t quite get there. I mean, what do they expect? That I’m going to love my body just because they decided to make an unfortunately-shaped bottle that I ~guess~ looks like me if I, too, were a hunk of plastic?

For a company that tries so hard not to objectify women, they sure are trying to make me relate to an object.

What’s the point of trying to make us relate to inanimate objects, anyway? Are we supposed to connect with your project on a deeper level because it has an ass, too? Can’t we find better ways to make women feel good about themselves than to say, “Hey, this plastic bottle kind of reminds me of you. Do you love yourself yet?!”

Honestly, if anything, these “woke” bottles could make you feel like shit just because now every damn time you go to buy body wash you’re going to be confronted about your perception of your own body. “Do I really deserve the skinny bottle? Will the people around me judge me if this is the one that I choose?” you might think. Or, worse, “Do people view my body the same way I view this very ill-shaped body wash bottle?”

Plus, do I really need to be reminded of how much weight I wish I could lose every time I take a shower? Sorry, Dove, even you can’t wash away wishful thinking.

Besides, it’s not like we don’t have enough plastic bottles we can relate to.

Let’s end this now while we’re ahead and just stick to using diverse actors and actresses while trying to advertise a product. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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