Twitter Is Roasting Trump Over The White House Easter Egg Roll And The Jokes Are Straight Fire

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A little over three months into Trump’s presidency and I’m already at the point where I just kind of expect things to go wrong with most of the things he does. Which is why it shouldn’t surprise me that the Annual Easter Egg Roll would take a similar turn this year, but — well, OK, I’m not surprised.

The 138-year tradition attracts around 35,000 visitors to the South Lawn every year around Easter, which would make you think that maybe the White House staff would have this shit down by now. But alas, we are living in a New America.

As many people have heard already, the administration hit a few bumps along the way while planning the event — at least, that’s what it seemed like when the company that’s been entrusted with creating the commemorative eggs each year had to tweet at the president to remind him to place his order.

From there, it wasn’t necessarily smooth sailing. There was this lovely moment where Trump forgot to put his hand over his heart during the National Anthem:

And then there was the time when a kid asked Trump to sign his Make America Great Again hat, which the POTUS agreed to… and then immediately threw the hat into the crowd instead of handing it back to the kid.

LOL, good one, Mr. Prez.

And the Easter Bunny looked a little different this year…

But it certainly wasn’t the only difference we noticed.

Hmmmm. Everything going well, Trump?

OK, maybe we’re being harsh, but we sure as hell aren’t the only ones. Twitter has been doing what it does best by picking apart just about anything it can, and the jokes are straight fire.

Some people were a little concerned about the Easter Bunny, who looked on in the shocked horror of someone who had seen some shit.

Seriously, WTF is up with that rabbit???

But honestly, what would we be doing if we didn’t make it political?

We can’t forget the memes.

Some people thought they’d use the #EasterEggRoll hashtag to discuss some important issues. There’s no better time than the present, eh?

Are we petty? Oh, yeah, definitely, but something’s got to get me through the next four years. See you next year, Traumatized Easter Bunny. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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