This Woman’s Grandma Tried To Seduce Her Man Using Swimsuit Pics And Everyone Is Laughing Their Asses Off

Twitter / @tynocinco

It’s one thing if your friends are making moves on your man. It’s another thing entirely when it’s your grandma.

Twitter-user @tynocinco (or Ty) was spending time with two of her faves — her boyfriend and her grandma — when grandma decided to pull out her phone to show Ty’s guy a swimsuit pic. Not of Ty. Of herself.

Should she be concerned? Is it disrespectful to not see one of your elders as a threat to your love life? I don’t know the protocol here.

Of course, Twitter lost its shit over this man-slaying grandma, because who wouldn’t?

Sorry, hun. Grandma’s just trying to shoot her shot.

One more for good measure.

Hey, maybe she’s got a shot. Looks like Ty’s man isn’t the only one who may or may not be interested.

Get it, grandma. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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