This TV Announcement Is A Major Clue That ’13 Reasons Why’ Is Getting A Second Season

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Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that 13 Reasons Why has become one of the most talked about TV shows in recent memory. It has inspired Internet memes, serious discussions about teen suicide and more thinkpieces than I can count. Should it really surprise us that we’re probably getting a second season?

OK, so there hasn’t been an official announcement — yet. But this announcement for Riverdale, a rookie teen CW show, may be a clue that our favorite Netflix original might be coming back soon.

According to TVLine, Ross Butler won’t be returning for his role as Reggie in Riverdale next season because of commitments to other projects. And why should you care? Well, considering Butler plays Zach (AKA the sweet, misunderstood basketball star that starred in one of Hannah’s tapes), those “commitments” probably have something to do about the smashing success of 13 Reasons Why.

It does make me wonder what a second season could have in store. The first season covered the events of Jay Asher’s teen novel, which means a sophomore season would be straying away from the original plot, which ended once Clay Jenson finished listening to Hannah’s tapes.

That doesn’t mean the writers won’t have any material to work with, though — the show’s current finale left us with a lot of questions, like what Mr. Porter would do about Bryce Walker, what Tyler was planning to do with his personal arsenal (and those sketchy photographs of all the people on the tapes) and whether or not Alex survived the gunshot to the head. Maybe the creators will even take it as a chance to respond to some of the criticism the show has received.

Besides, I wouldn’t mind seeing more of sweet, hot, pure Zach Dempsey. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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